Pre-existing is non-existent with Trinity Direct Primary Care

Trinity Direct Primary Care takes care of you. Pre-existing conditions are not a hinderance to care for us. Providing healthcare is our mission so we don’t charge more for patients with diabetes or hypertension. We don’t charge more if you smoke or have a family history of major illnesses. We just take care of you. Simple as that. Come see the difference. Call 244-1800 to sign up today.

Is health insurance why healthcare is so expensive?

Maybe “health” and “insurance” simply don’t mix, considering the fact that poor health is basically a certainty for all of us and the insurance model is based on hedging against less likely outcomes.

Maybe it’s time to pull the plug on health insurance

DPC memberships can reduce government spending

Direct Primary Care for Local Governments
Union County employees in North Carolina recently were offered a DPC membership for their health plan. Here’s what happened.