VitalSigns Wellness is Trinity’s wellness and fitness facility located right down the road from Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley.  VitalSigns was founded by Trinity physicians on the principle that good nutrition, good exercise, and good sleep can reverse many modern day problems including heart disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and more.

The flagship program VitalLaunch is a 10 week small group program meeting three times a week for education and exercise.  Participants have seen extraordinary health benefits including weight loss, reduction in medication use, reversal of health problems, and restoration of functional ability.

Many participants desired the information from VitalLaunch but couldn’t commit to the 30 visit schedule.  In response, VitalLaunch Express was formed.  Trinity DPC is pleased to be able to offer a VitalLaunch Express class led by Dr. McColl at the Hardin Valley office.

VitalLaunch Express is a 10 week small group program that meets once per week for about an hour.  The Monday through Friday meeting time is determined based on the needs of the participants.  Class size is limited to five participants which maintains an opportunity for everyone to fully engage and discuss their progress and roadblocks.  Each week, either during the class or before class at home, participants watch an educational video from VitalSigns physicians and trainers teaching on a particular aspect of the program.  Check out the course outline here.  Then in a small group setting the facilitator coaches participants through the week’s lesson and prepares them for the next round of home work exercises.

Classes with Dr. McColl at TMAHV will begin in early March and run weekly for 10 weeks.  It includes biometric testing, including  pre and post participation blood work and body fat percentage by impedance testing, instructional material, and remote access to videos.

Participation is open to all individuals.  Cost is $249 with current DPC members being $199.  Children 12 through 18 years of age are free to attend when a parent enrolls.

Contact Dr. McColl at for more information or to register.  Time and date of the next class will be determined by the participants.