Allergy season is almost upon us.  Trinity Medical Associates has partnered with a leading allergy testing and immunotherapy company, BioTek, to bring a new and innovated method to control allergies- home immunotherapy.

With this new program, allergy testing to traditional airborne allergens is performed at the Fort Sanders West office with scratch testing on the arms.  Patients with positive results can proceed to immunotherapy.   The novel approach to desensitization allows for only a few visits to the office each year to obtain the immunotherapy serum and almost all of the allergy injections are done AT HOME.  Studies show that this is a safe and effective approach for patients.  It is especially beneficial for those that find it difficult keep the arduous schedule of in-office allergy injections.

If you are interested in seeing if this program is appropriate for you contact your DPC physician to discuss the details.  Allergy testing and immunotherapy is well covered by most insurance plans with only $25 of patient responsibility in a typical scenario.  Self pay pricing is $350.  Immunotherapy is also well covered requiring only $25 per bottle of serum (six bottles is a year’s worth of therapy).  Self pay pricing is $1700 which can be broken into payments over the course of treatment.

Contact your DPC physician today if you would like to consider home immunotherapy for your allergies.