Dr. Andrew Smith has lived and practiced in the Maryville area since 2001.  Born and raised in Marcellus, NY, he attended Cornell University for his undergraduate degree and then, apparently deciding he needed even colder weather, he attended the University of Vermont School of Medicine.  Interspersed in his medical training he spent two years at Biblical Theological Seminary near Philadelphia, PA enjoying some focused time pursuing biblical studies.

During medical school Dr. Smith made the wise choice of marrying Margaret.  After graduating he completed his Family Practice residency at Wilson Memorial Hospital in Johnson City, NY.  At this point Dr. Smith longed to join another physician whose heart’s desire was to serve God through medicine.  In the end he joined Dr. William Otto at Boca General and Family Medicine in Boca Raton, Florida.  I guess it was time to soak in a little warmth!

During the next decade or so, Dr. Smith’s family blossomed with a seam-bursting seven children completed by twin boys at the end.  Yes, they were sleep-deprived most of those years!  Shortly after his partner retired, Dr. Smith and Margaret decided it was time to pull up stakes and head to Tennessee to continue raising their large family.  God directed them to a group of like-minded physicians at Trinity Medical Associates and the family settled into, and quickly grew to love, Maryville.  Here family life included raising chickens, rabbits, goats, two surly escape-artist Black Angus cows, a pair of very smelly pigs, and a few ducks and quail, several of which unfortunately became hors d’oeuvres for the snapping turtles on the pond.  The Smiths have since retired from the farm life, having transformed the barn into a wedding barn (with the help of previously-mentioned twin boys) for the weddings of their daughters and friends.  Hiking, biking and racquetball are the more frequent exercises now-a-days.  Most years Dr. Smith has also been blessed to have the opportunity to make medical mission trips to places such as Haiti, Guatemala, Nigeria, Brazil, and China.

In 2008, since his home was in Maryville, Dr. Smith was permitted by his partners to open a branch of Trinity there and he was soon joined by Dr. Hone.  Dr. Smith sees all ages from newborn to geriatric, and particularly enjoys dermatology (since almost everyone in South Florida seemed to have a skin cancer or pre-cancer) and prevention of chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle.  Few things make him happier than one of his patients getting on board and transforming their health with a nutritious diet and appropriate exercise.  Dr. Smith relies on multiple diagnostic tools to pinpoint the health and risk factors of his patients so that disease prevention and reversal can be focused.

One final opportunity Dr. Smith has enjoyed is writing the every-other-week HealthWise article for the Maryville Daily Times.  Here he is able to highlight many of the health issues his patients deal with on a regular basis.  All-in-all being a Family Physician for the folks in Maryville continues to be delightful and Dr. Smith is blessed with a wonderful staff.  Likewise, clearing away much of the bureaucracy of medicine by seeing more and more patients in a Direct Primary Care arrangement has added to the enjoyment of being able to deliver high quality personalized patient care.   The Smiths are thankful for God’s undeserved blessings in all of this and Dr. Smith looks forward to serving and enjoying his patients in Maryville for many years to come.

Dr. Smith manages the satellite office of Trinity Medical Associates in Maryville.  He participates in the Direct Primary Care program with uninsured patients, patients who belong to a cost sharing program, and patients on Medicare.  He can be reached at his office at 865-982-0835.