Direct Primary Care brings the relationship of healthcare back to just you and your doctor. But what happens when your doctor is out of the office?

Trinity Direct Primary Care is the largest DPC practice in East Tennessee and our parent company Trinity Medical Associates is the largest independent primary care group in the area.  This gives us a depth of resources that most practices don’t have.

When Dr. Hone or Dr. McColl are out of the office and a DPC member under their care needs to be seen, we have an extended absence policy that provides for uninterrupted urgent care for any patient.

If a particular physician is out of the office, the other DPC physicians can typically accommodate any urgent needs in office or by phone or email.  Additionally, Trinity DPC participates with Trinity Medical Associates, their parent company, in a 24/7 on call doctor rotation.  That means that every day there is a physician who is scheduled to help answer clinical concerns as they arise.  Patients may leave a message for the on call doctor through Trinity Medical Associate’s triage nurse by calling the main office at 539-0270.

Lastly, Trinity Medical Associates operates a walk-in clinic at 280 Fort Sanders West Blvd Suite 101 that is available under the terms of the membership agreement when the primary DPC physician is out of the office for two or more days in a row.  This allows DPC members to seek urgent care as needed and receive the same great care without a worry about unexpected costs.  They will receive the care at the same cost as with their DPC physician.  DPC patients can check the Important Dates page to find out when DPC physicians are out of the office and when the extended absence policy is in effect.

Just a reminder though, the walk in clinic is not covered under membership if your primary DPC physician is out of the office for just one day (like when Dr. Hone is out on Tuesdays and Dr. McColl is out on Thursdays).

Patients may always use the TMA Walk-In clinic under the typical fee for service system either as an insured or self-pay patient.  It offers some of the lowest priced urgent care in our community.  Walk-In clinicians have access to DPC patient’s medical record to ensure continuity of care.  Please remember though, it is only when the DPC physician is unavailable for more than two consecutive business days in a row that Walk-In Clinic visits will be covered under the terms of the DPC membership.