How to Make Ghee

I make ghee regularly to have on hand at home. It’s got a great flavor and a high heat point so is perfect for cooking eggs or sautéing brussel sprouts for LCHF and keto. Since it removes the milk protein, ghee is Whole30 approved.

Here’s my latest batch.

Another advantage is that it is stable at room temperature for several weeks or longer, especially in these small mason jars which seal as they cool. This makes it great for camp cooking in the RV.

I’ve also started making flavored ghee. Here are my recent creations of garlic-basil and turmeric-curry. They have a great through and through flavor. Notice that the ghee solidifies and becomes opaque when it is stored in the refrigerator.

Ghee is very easy to make. Below is an article to walk you through the steps.

I’ve started using a thick bottomed tea kettle to boil the ghee. It keeps the bottom for scorching as easily and, if you’re careful, allows for you to pour off the ghee directly into the containers without straining it.

Finally, I have two bits of advice. First, don’t turn up the heat too high or the solids at the bottom can create a strong scorched nutty flavor. Second, leave it alone until it froths up a second time. It won’t be ready until then.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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