CGM Day 8: It takes one day

After last week's daily deluge of carbs this week I plan to be much more moderate in my intake. Today, breakfast was just a few scrambled eggs which had no impact. Lunch was a protein shake I like to make from About Time Protein powder with added MCT oil. Again there was no impact. Dinner … Continue reading CGM Day 8: It takes one day

CGM 6 & 7: The Coup De Grace

This weekend was my final two days on a high carb, 'celebration food', diet. For these days I planned several very high carb meals and they didn't disappoint in their effect on my body. On Saturday I worked Trinity's Walk In Clinic at Fort Sanders West. Usually I bring a breakfast treat for the staff … Continue reading CGM 6 & 7: The Coup De Grace

CGM Day 5: Recovery may be boring but boring may be good.

Recovery can be boring but good for you. Yesterday was day 5 of my CGM experiment with my FreeStyle Libre. It was pretty boring which was a little by design and a little by accident. Interestingly, this blog series has prompted about a dozen of my patients to contact me and acquire a CGM for … Continue reading CGM Day 5: Recovery may be boring but boring may be good.

CGM Day 4: Did I say cake? I meant cakes.

Celebrating Independence Day, like almost every other American holiday, involves lots of food. Yesterday's rumor of cake was not unfounded and today was a day marked not by one big meal but by multiple opportunities to eat richly. Breakfast began with my first cake, four of them to be exact. Paleo Pancakes found at Costco … Continue reading CGM Day 4: Did I say cake? I meant cakes.

CGM Day 3: double spikes all day

Here on my 3rd day of wearing my Freestyle Libre, I moderated my food intake a little and didn't go overboard on anything in particular. For breakfast, I ate at Cracker Barrel with my Bible study group and I ordered the Double Meat. Typically I skip the biscuits and gravy before heading to work but … Continue reading CGM Day 3: double spikes all day

GOP freshman congressman unveils plan to help ‘change the narrative’ on healthcare

for a long time is that we have accepted the premise that coverage is the metric by which we should gauge success in healthcare," Roy said. "We want to gauge success in healthcare by people having access to high-quality care, choice, and making sure everyone is able to do that." — Read on Promising.

Pizza’s sucker punch

Tonight I enjoyed my favorite pizza, Little Joe's ham and mushroom. Having grown up with the owners, I spent many a Saturday night there with my family. The breadsticks are fantastic. As you can see pizza has a hidden surprise. It's not just one peak of glucose dumping into the blood stream, it's two. This … Continue reading Pizza’s sucker punch

Day 2 of CGM

Here's the majority of today's readings. You can see small impact of breakfast which was the same 3 eggs and 1/2 cup blueberries as yesterday but no toast or jam. What a difference that made. Note too the dip in my glucose right before awakening and the rise as I got up. The normal stress … Continue reading Day 2 of CGM

Day one in the books

Here's the final picture for day one. I think it's pretty self explanatory. I kept my utilization of excess glucose high by eating a very lite snack of 2oz of cheese and 3 oz of macadamia nuts. If any of my patients feel inspired to get a CGM for themselves and try their own experiment … Continue reading Day one in the books

Breakfast of champions? Doubtful

Does breakfast really make you a champion? Doubtful. Here's what happens to your body with two pieces of toast when it hasn't finished dinner from the night before.