Onward and Upward, Part 1

On April 1st we will be transitioning to a new software platform to manage our medical records and billing of your direct primary care membership. In the coming days, I will post more information detailing all the benefits this transition holds for our practice and for you as patients.  The first step of this process is adjusting the way monthly memberships are invoiced.

As we currently bill in arrears it will require an adjustment in billing schedules and a partial payment for the remainder of March. Starting in April, membership invoices will cover the calendar month, not just the prior 30 days of membership.

For example, if your next billing invoice is on March 7th, that invoice covers the prior 30 days of service, that is, February 7th through March 7th. Since the new billing method won’t start until April 1st, the remainder of March (the 8th through the 31st) will need to be billed separately. The remainder of the month will be prorated for each member as described below.

In April, all memberships will be invoiced on the 1st and the invoices will be automatically drafted on one of the following days: 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th.  The date will default to which one is nearest, but after, your current invoice date.  For instance, a renewal date of the 7th will become the 10th.  Patients may contact the office to change the date used at any time.

All memberships will cycle on the calendar month and billing will be done for the current month of membershipMemberships will no longer be billed in arrears.  For instance, a membership charge that is processed on the 10th covers the month in which it was processed, and memberships would stay current through the last calendar day of the month.

The schedule of partial payments is as follows:

Memberships that renew on the 1st through the 7th will require a 75% partial payment.

Memberships that renew on the 8th through the 14th will require a 50% partial payment.

Memberships that renew on the 15th through the 21st will require a 25% partial payment.

Memberships that renew after the 21st will not require partial payment.

These partial payments will be assessed manually on March 25th.  Please contact Lainy at 244-1800 or tmahv@secure.trinitymedical.net if you would like to change that processing date.

Freeform Holidays

One of the reasons I love #DPC is that it allows me to make up my own holidays sometimes. Did you know that today is National Bring Your Daughter’s Dog to Work Day? Apparently it is. #Eli-awesomeness

Morning lab review

A1c: 6.0 –> 5.5%
Insulin: 17.7 –> 8.3 mcIU/mL
TG: 163 –> 64 mg/dL
Wgt: 252 –> 228 lbs
#LCHF #whyIdoctor #DPC

Being careful not to create a false dichotomy, the reality is that
good food + good exercise + good sleep >> good medicine + good surgery

Tired of waiting?

A study from two years ago showed the following:

1. Today, it takes an average of 24 days to schedule a new physician appointment in a large U.S. city.

2. The 24-day average noted in 2017 marks a 30 percent increase since 2014, when the average was 18.5 days. The average was 20.5 days in 2009 and 21 days in 2004, according to previous Merritt Hawkins reports.

Tired of waiting?  What about tomorrow? Is that soon enough?

We generally see new patients in 1-2 days. For instance, we have availability tomorrow if needed. This is healthcare without hassles, built for you.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Trinity Direct Primary Care!

Yesterday was our birthday! Trinity Direct Primary Care launched in 2016 and we are excited to be 3 years old. It’s nice to be out of the ‘terrible twos’, however we’re definitely still in a growth spurt which doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, thankfully. Do you think we’re too old for a smash cake? Remember, you’re only young once but can be immature the rest of your life.

Honestly, we are just so very grateful for God’s sweet provision and guidance over the years and are thankful to be part of so many patient’s lives. We hope to continue for years to come.

Sing with me “Happy 3rd Birthday to US!”

Covenant now offers cash prices for some advanced imaging for most patients

Covenant Health recently announced that they will be offering a simple, cash based price for advanced imaging at their Fort Sanders West Diagnostic Center.  This was my go to facility while in insurance based medicine.  They’ve always been easy to work with and the reports have been good.  So I’m very happy that another imaging center, let alone a hospital affiliated center, has entered the market with clear, cash pricing on advanced imaging.  However, these prices may not be the lowest a patient can get in town and patients with government regulated insurance like Medicare, Tricare, and Tenncare don’t qualify for these discounts.

Part of my job as your physician is to help you sort out the best overall choice for your treatment and testing.  Sometimes the price point is the biggest driver and sometimes the quality is.  However, both always need to be considered.  This is why we offer healthcare without hassles, built for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about the discounts available to DPC members around town and how to best navigate the healthcare landscape, then I invite you to become a member of our program and schedule your first appointment.  We look forward to working with you.

Imagine if We Paid for Food like We Do Healthcare

Dr Ryan Neuhofel, a fellow DPC physician, writes this intriguing look at applying our current medical industry regulations to food. I know I would never pay for a $37 burrito twice.

A thought experiment showing just how dysfunctional and distorting our health insurance system is.
— Read on www.libertarianism.org/building-tomorrow/imagine-we-paid-food-we-do-healthcare

5 Medical Practices Around The U.S. That Are Changing The Way Healthcare Is Delivered

With a focus on incredible customer experience, beautiful modern aesthetics and brilliant use of social media, these 5 medical and dental practices around the U.S. have really figured out how to deliver care.
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Exciting to see fellow DPC practice Atlas MD and free market surgery pioneers, Surgery Center of Oklahoma make the list of most innovated changes in healthcare. It’s also noteworthy that two of the other practices are either membership based or free market based approaches to primary care services. Existing to be a part of the healthcare revolution putting patients back in the center of their care.

Interested in cost sharing programs? Check out this great summary.

Ochna Health | Health Cost Sharing 2019
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Just gimme the facts — DPC Alliance

Just gimme the facts — DPC Alliance
— Read on www.dpcalliance.org/blog/2018/9/11/recent-fact-stats

This data represents about 1/3 of the known DPC practices in the United States. Trinity DPC is glad to be one of the 5 DPC practices in Tennessee.

I believe DPC allows physicians to provide the care they feel a patient needs. It offers us the opportunity to lower the cost of healthcare delivery and offer charity care when appropriate. In this survey 85% of DPC practices routinely offer charity care.

On a side note, with only 4.2% of DPC physicians double boarded in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics like I am, I’m still somewhat of an oddball. No surprise for anyone that knows me.

-Dr McColl