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What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a model of healthcare focusing on caring for patients first.  Turns out when we do this two really cool things happen.  First, the quality of care improves such that patients get to the see the doctor more easily, get to have a conversation with their doctor pretty much any … Continue reading What is DPC?

Allergies in East Tennessee

Oh, the sneezing and sniffling and runny noses and itchy eyes that are all around us this time of year.  And it’s not just your imagination – Knoxville ranks as the fifth worst city in the country for allergy sufferers.  That comes as no surprise to the legions of residents who this spring are dealing … Continue reading Allergies in East Tennessee

Is it hot in here?

Most women beginning in their mid-to-late 40s can identify with this image.  These are the all-too-familiar hot flashes that accompany mid-life transitional changes for most women.  And while this is a very common phenomenon that is perfectly normal given the physiologic and hormonal changes taking place, any woman losing sleep and suffering with excessive hot … Continue reading Is it hot in here?

Trinity Direct of Maryville Open House Tomorrow, May 17th!

Dr. Hone and her staff will be hosting the monthly open house tomorrow from noon to 1pm.  Please come to hear how a Direct Primary Care membership offers improved access to less expensive primary care. Don't wait for Washington or Nashville to decide how you should obtain your healthcare.  You can be part of a … Continue reading Trinity Direct of Maryville Open House Tomorrow, May 17th!

Hardin Valley Open House tomorrow at Noon

Please join us tomorrow from noon to 1pm at our Hardin Valley office for our monthly open house.  Dr. McColl and the staff will be on hand to answer questions about Trinity Direct Primary Care and the DPC program.  Come hear how the DPC program lowers the cost of primary care and improves a patient's … Continue reading Hardin Valley Open House tomorrow at Noon

Mildly insufficient sleep has consequences…

... and even an hour of missed sleep (consistently) could drastically increase your odds for depression, hopelessness, restlessness and nervousness.  So how much is an optimal amount of sleep?  We should all be getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, as this has been proven to be an optimal sleep range.  But … Continue reading Mildly insufficient sleep has consequences…

The Vaccine Study You’ve Never Seen (But Always Wanted)

Chad Hayes, MD from Charleston, SC, a fellow pediatrician and blogger, published a great article on the vaccine safety and efficacy study everyone has always wanted but has never been done.  Check it out.  I hope you see the value this kind of study brings to the scientific community. The Vaccine Study You've Always Wanted

Knoxville: where insurance goes to die

Recently, various new outlets reported on the spiraling failure of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare.  One of the key indicators of failure is the availability of health insurance in a market.  Several major markets across the country lack more than one insurer from which individuals may choose.   When there is only one … Continue reading Knoxville: where insurance goes to die

Congratulations Mrs. Robin!

Our clutch of baby blue robin eggs all hatched this week. Momma Robin has been diligently collecting food from our yard for her new children.   Congratulations!