Pillar PC welcomes new clinical staff

Today, Pillar PC welcomes two new clinical staff members, Marci Wood, FNP and Mary Cargle, RN. Both ladies bring years of experience in clinical practice and a heart for caring for patients.

I’ve had the chance to know both them and their families for many years through working together or church small groups. I am thrilled to have them on board. They will staff our office on Thursdays so that we can offer appointments five days a week. Marci is available by email at marci@pillarpc.com. Mary and Kristen will share an email at nurse@pillarpc.com so patients will be able to reach the appropriate nurse regardless of the day of the week. Please make them feel welcome!

Trump’s New Executive Order: Unleashing HSAs For Direct Primary Care

You might have missed this big news because the media .08/04/2019 8:11:46AM EST.
— Read on townhall.com/columnists/chadsavage/2019/08/03/trumps-new-executive-order-unleashing-hsas-for-direct-primary-care-n2551034

New Convenience Options for Lab Draws

Did you know that Trinity DPC has some unique options for patients to have their blood drawn?

Of course, all of our patients are welcome to have their labs drawn at our offices but for those patients with unique schedules and needs we have two other choices.

First, our main lab company, LabCorp, offers several draw stations around Lenoir City, Northshore/Pellissippi, Sutherland, and UT Hospital. Some are open super early which can make getting fasting labs done before work easier. One draw station is open on Saturdays too. Labs done at these draw stations are the same great price as what we offer in our office. Appointments can be scheduled but walk-ins are welcome too.

Second, our partner for advanced cardiometabolic testing, True Health Diagnostics, offers most of our standard tests too. They have a draw station in Downtown West Shopping Center that is open on Saturdays a few hours. Uniquely, they offer a mobile phlebotomy service where a technician can come to your home or office on your schedule to have the blood tests done. This is a free service for anyone needing the cardiometabolic panels and other non-covered tests.  However, routine tests and panels which otherwise would be included with membership when done through LabCorp carry a $15 service fee.

Both of these options still require a valid physician’s order from us prior to testing, so don’t show up unexpected. If you’re interested in taking advantage of either option, just let us know and we’ll make the arrangements.

-Dr. McColl

LabCorp Draw stations

Lenior City: 689 Medical Park Dr, Suite 202 (Northshore Medical Plaza), 37772. M-F 7am-3:30pm, Closed 12-1pm

Northshore/Pellissippi: 9625 Kroger Park Dr, 37922. M-F 8am-5pm, Closed 12:30-1:30pm

Sutherland: 4206 Sutherland Avenue, 37919. M-F 8am-4:30pm, Closed 12:30-1:30pm

UT Hospital: 1932 Alcoa Hwy Bldg C155 (Inside the hospital), 37920. M-F 6:30am-5pm, Sat 9am-12pm

True Health Diagnostics

Any Lab Test Now 1645 Downtown West Blvd, Suite 31. M-F 8am-5:30pm, Closed 1-2:30pm. Sat 10am-1pm

Mobile Phlebotomy can be scheduled Monday through Friday.

Covenant now offers cash prices for some advanced imaging for most patients

Covenant Health recently announced that they will be offering a simple, cash based price for advanced imaging at their Fort Sanders West Diagnostic Center.  This was my go to facility while in insurance based medicine.  They’ve always been easy to work with and the reports have been good.  So I’m very happy that another imaging center, let alone a hospital affiliated center, has entered the market with clear, cash pricing on advanced imaging.  However, these prices may not be the lowest a patient can get in town and patients with government regulated insurance like Medicare, Tricare, and Tenncare don’t qualify for these discounts.

Part of my job as your physician is to help you sort out the best overall choice for your treatment and testing.  Sometimes the price point is the biggest driver and sometimes the quality is.  However, both always need to be considered.  This is why we offer healthcare without hassles, built for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about the discounts available to DPC members around town and how to best navigate the healthcare landscape, then I invite you to become a member of our program and schedule your first appointment.  We look forward to working with you.

Senator Alexander Advocates for DPC

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander discusses on the Senate floor his findings from recent testimony by Dr. Lee Gross, a DPC physician from Florida.

The full hearing for “Reducing Health Care Costs: Improving Affordability Through Innovation” can be viewed here.  Dr. Gross’s testimony can be read here.

Make HRAs and HSAs DPC-compatible

The IRS has an opportunity to clarify HRA and HSA use for Direct Primary Care.  Please take a moment to respond to their request for feedback.

IRS Regulations Comment Section

USA Today: Doctors, providers must provide patients treatment cost information

Trinity Direct Primary Care offers unparalleled price transparency.  Patients always know the cost of care received through our office.  Here are few of the highlights:

  • All office visits, phone calls, emails, and communication with the physicians and staff are always free.
  • All in house labs like strep tests, flu tests, and EKGs are free.
  • Most common labs used to manage chronic issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are free four times a year.
  • All other labs are offered at 60-90% discount.  A short list of lab prices is available at Trinity Direct Primary Care Lab Test Pricing Guide
  • Xrays are $30.
  • Advanced imaging like CT scans and MRIs are 60-90% off retail.  We verify the cash price every time we order a test to insure our patients understand the cost before having the procedure done.
  • We have multiple sources for discounts on medications including our own proprietary dispensary as well as knowledge of the best local prices, access to national discount cards, patient assistance programs, and an insurance free mail order pharmacy that offers wholesale or free medications.
  • Access to major surgery centers that don’t accept insurance and offer steep discounts off traditional pricing.

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Health care providers must acknowledge patients’ financial concerns. The path forward requires cultural changes that normalize cost conversations.
— Read on www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/12/03/doctors-providers-provide-patients-treatment-cost-information-health-care-column/2077749002/

Direct Primary Care | Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

World renowned hospital Johns Hopkins is launching a Direct Primary Care program for it’s own employees starting in 2019.

Do you think they’d do something that didn’t make good medical sense?

Do you think they’d do something that didn’t make good financial sense?

Maybe if it’s good for the staff of one of the best hospitals in the world, then maybe it’s good for everyone.

Lower costs, better access, happy patients, happy physicians.

Direct Primary Care | Johns Hopkins Community Physicians
— Read on www.hopkinsmedicine.org/community_physicians/patient_information/direct_primary_care.html

“The Free Market Won’t Work for Specialists…” Except It Is.

Here’s a pediatric endocrinologist in Texas who has opened up a clinic that operates outside of insurance like Trinity Direct Primary Care.

Check out their program and encourage your local specialists to consider doing the same.


Pre-existing is non-existent with Trinity Direct Primary Care

Trinity Direct Primary Care takes care of you. Pre-existing conditions are not a hinderance to care for us. Providing healthcare is our mission so we don’t charge more for patients with diabetes or hypertension. We don’t charge more if you smoke or have a family history of major illnesses. We just take care of you. Simple as that. Come see the difference. Call 244-1800 to sign up today.