Do not look here!

What's the best way to pique a kid's interest?  Tell them that he can't do something.  Adam had all the fruit of the Garden available to him yet he and his new wife were sorely tempted by the one apple they were forbidden to eat. We suffer the same temptations, but I ask you to … Continue reading Do not look here!

What is DPC?

Here's a short little video on the basics of DPC.  All practices get to be individualized to the needs of their patients so each one is going to be a little unique.  We communicate with our patients by email and phone calls all the time and offer more Health and Wellness counseling and training than … Continue reading What is DPC?

Sugar in disguise 

David Unwin, MD, a fellow LCHF advocate published these handy little graphics to help people understand the various amounts of equivalent sugar in common foods. I think it is a pretty powerful visual aid.  If you're not sure what glycemic index and glycemic load mean, then ask us the next time you're in the office. … Continue reading Sugar in disguise 

Article: To Save Money On Health Costs, Try Putting Away Your Insurance Card

Forbes contributor Jeanne Pinder penned an article a couple days ago about the growing futility of having health insurance in saving you out of pocket costs. To Save Money On Health Costs, Try Putting Away Your Insurance Card If I could emphasize one point from this article it would be this: The big thought here: … Continue reading Article: To Save Money On Health Costs, Try Putting Away Your Insurance Card

Article: Getting Care Outside of My Office

One of the most common questions I get asked is "What about when I go to the hospital?  Will you take care of me there?" Here's an article by Rob Lamberts, MD, a trailblazing DPC physician in Augusta, GA, about how DPC physicians never stop taking care of their patients even if we aren't the … Continue reading Article: Getting Care Outside of My Office

Is health insurance why healthcare is so expensive?

Maybe "health" and "insurance" simply don't mix, considering the fact that poor health is basically a certainty for all of us and the insurance model is based on hedging against less likely outcomes. Maybe it's time to pull the plug on health insurance

This may change everything in drug pricing

Ever been to the pharmacy to buy a prescription and had to decide between the medication and another necessity because of the cost? Even with insurance?! Do you still believe that health insurance actually lowers the price of drugs? Have you ever tried to shop a prescription among different pharmacies?  It is almost impossible due … Continue reading This may change everything in drug pricing

The Mummy Tummy fix

Here's a good story from NPR that describes a simple approach to tightening the core muscles for women after pregnancy.  It claims a 100% success rate for shrinking 2 inches off the waistline after three weeks of performing the single exercise for 10 minutes each day. It seems like an easy enough approach to give … Continue reading The Mummy Tummy fix

Do you often feel like Sleepy of the Seven Dwarfs?

Sleep apnea is an under recognized contributor to heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and depression.  Most individuals cannot tell if they have sleep apnea themselves other than maybe constantly feeling tired or falling asleep accidentally while sitting still.  Sometimes spouses are 'kind' enough to disclose their partner's sleep habits (or even … Continue reading Do you often feel like Sleepy of the Seven Dwarfs?

Spread the word

Since our DPC practice isn't contracted with any insurance companies we don't receive any referrals from them.  We rely solely on patients learning about what we do and have to offer from other patients and our outreach programs. Our best growth comes from our happy patients telling other people their story. You can help us … Continue reading Spread the word