Keeping Your Medical Care Personal by Dr. Andrew Smith

The is the second installment by Dr. Smith discussing the changing landscape of medical.  The first installment can be found here. In my last article, I alluded to how medical care is changing at near warp speed, as the volume of new knowledge keeps doubling every few years or less.  There’s a load of good … Continue reading Keeping Your Medical Care Personal by Dr. Andrew Smith

Polymyalgia Rheumatica by Dr. Andrew Smith

Wow he’s really struggling coming up that hill.”  I was watching my eighty-something father-in-law labor up the hill to our house.  In context, you need to realize that, “Grandpa” is normally one of the most vigorous elderly guys you’ll ever see.  He generally comes blasting out of his room in the morning like a man … Continue reading Polymyalgia Rheumatica by Dr. Andrew Smith

Your risk of heart disease is right there on the page. Just look.

Want to know a simple way to evaluate your risk for heart disease? Check out your labs and it's not your cholesterol.

“You no longer have diabetes.”

This is perhaps one of the best things I get to tell my patients from time to time.  I ended my day with these very words.  In this situation, through self education on low carb nutrition and perseverance in very challenging work conditions, my patient reduced their blood glucose to normal, was able to stop … Continue reading “You no longer have diabetes.”

DPC and Low Carb Success story!

Saw a patient for 3 month follow up today who cut dropped their blood sugar and triglycerides by half which resulted in a 3% drop in their A1c after initiation of metformin and a low carb diet.  They are working with Carly, our dietician, on learning how a low carb diet can be implemented with … Continue reading DPC and Low Carb Success story!

Men’s Online Bible Study

Correction: The link to our plan is John in 21 days Tomorrow I'll be starting an online study of the Gospel of John using and the YouVersion Bible app for men of the DPC practices. We'll be reading one chapter a day. I invite you to join us for accountability in reading the Word … Continue reading Men’s Online Bible Study

Expect more from your doctor

My friend Rob Lamberts, MD shares his story and passion for Direct Primary Care in this TEDx Augusta video. Rob Lamberts, MD TEDx Augusta

Tired of Waiting?

The waiting room of a doctor's office can be a crowded, uncomfortable place to spend your day.  However, at Trinity Direct Primary Care our waiting room rarely gets used.  Office visits are scheduled so that patients have at least 30 minutes of time with the physician and we keep our patient panels small.  This means … Continue reading Tired of Waiting?

Why Your Health Insurer Doesn’t Care About Your Big Bills -NPR

Have you ever been frustrated by high health care bills even when you have insurance?  Isn't your insurance company supposed to be helping LOWER your bills?  Well, unfortunately, the answer is no.  Health insurance works more like a discount card.  Everything you buy is now 75% off.  Too bad everything now costs a million dollars … Continue reading Why Your Health Insurer Doesn’t Care About Your Big Bills -NPR

Keto Diet: What Doctors Want You to Know | Reader’s Digest

This article is sort of good but if you really want to know what doctors think about the keto diet then come talk to us. I'm an advocate for low carb nutrition and can walk with you through your journey. — Read on