Running on Low-Carb

This past year I trained for The Boston Marathon. To train for any marathon, you have to train mentally and physically, but training for The Boston Marathon-that’s another level of training mentally. It’s not something you just say you are going to do and do it. It takes determination, motivation, and commitment before any kind … Continue reading Running on Low-Carb

Mindful Eating

Do you ever find yourself sitting on the couch, snacking on chips or popcorn and before you know it, you’ve eaten the entire bag without realizing it? Do you ever find yourself so hungry that you eat not one portion, but two or even three portions of a meal until you feel overly full? Do … Continue reading Mindful Eating

Weekly Meal Planning

Busy schedules are often the main reason for not eating healthy. We find ourselves in the middle of the week with no food in the refrigerator and no motivation to cook after a full day at work. That’s why meal preparation is vital to our success in eating nutritious foods on a daily basis. Planning, … Continue reading Weekly Meal Planning