As many of you know, Trinity Direct Primary Care is changing. I’ve emailed about this several times over the last couple months. Here’s a recap and an update.

Trinity Direct Primary Care (TDPC) is separating from its parent company. The partners of Trinity Medical Associates (TMA), PC have decided to grow in a direction that requires TDPC to be disconnected from TMA. This brings a great opportunity for me and Dr. Hone. We continue to feel led by God to stay within the direct primary care model of practice. It has benefited both our patients and our own lives tremendously.

Therefore, we are individually purchasing out our practices and will soon begin independent operations and ownership. I am continuing at my current location and changing the practice name from Trinity Medical Associates of Hardin Valley to operate under the name Pillar Primary Care, PLLC. You can find information on my practice and the story behind that name at my new website Lainy and Kristen are continuing on here and I’ve added two new clinical staff, Marci and Mary. Carly is also remaining in her nutritional counseling role. Dr. Hone and I plan to continue to work in a mutually supportive manner the exact nature of which has not been finalized. She is also still finalizing the information on her new location and practice changes but from what I’ve seen so far it’s pretty exciting. We will announce those as soon as the details are settled.

Communication changes
With a new practice name some of our contact points will change but most stay the same. Our office address remains the same as does our office phone numbers. Feel free to call us at 865-244-1800 or fax at 865-444-6002 anytime if we can help.

My new email address is Lainy can be reached at Our nursing staff of Kristen and Mary will share the email so that they are always available for your emails as needed. Marci Wood, FNP, our new advanced practice nurse practitioner, is available at The old email addresses will auto respond with this information if you accidentally email them.

Marci and Mary staff the clinic on Thursdays so that patients can be seen five days a week. I expect us to need them here more days of the week too as we continue to run a monthly waiting list of new patients that would like to join the program. I have also been approached by another large local organization looking to offer DPC for their employees. The DPC trend is exploding!

Lastly, the new Pillar Primary Care Facebook page is

On Call Contact
One change that is both challenging and rewarding is the change of after hours coverage. Once the official separation date is set (it has not been fixed yet as there is a lot of legal work that must be done to disentangle 13 years of joint ownership for me) I will no longer participate in the Trinity call rotation. Therefore, as much as I am able, I will be on call for my patients every day. Generally, I’ll be able to respond to patients who contact me before 5pm each scheduled work day. After 5pm, I’ll follow up the next business day for non-urgent issues and as soon as possible for other issues. Many of you know I respond to non-urgent emails after hours already. That’s likely to continue, but I’m trying to have good boundaries for my work and home lives. Since I really love what I do, it’s a challenge, but my first love remains my family and time with them.

As much as I love my work, it’s simply not possible for one person to be available 24/7. Many of my hobbies take me outside of cell phone range for a time, so there may be circumstances in which I’m not available and patients will need to seek care outside of the membership program in order to address their need in a timely manner. As we grow and add more clinical staff, I expect these circumstance to be even more uncommon. For now and in the future, feel free to contact the office at 865-244-1800 to be directed to the best option for your care either during or after scheduled work hours.

As to vacation, I will continue to take a few weeks each year away with my family. These will most often coincide with Knox County school’s Fall and Spring Breaks and two weeks in the summer. After the separation from Trinity Medical Associates, the walk in clinic will not be available as part of membership services when I’m out of the office. It remains, in my opinion, the best walk in clinic in the region and patients are welcome to seek care there at a very affordable cash rate or utilize their insurance, but it will not be covered by the membership program.

I hope all these shifts, changes, and improvements fill you with the same sense of excitement as they do me. I’m very thankful to the support of my patients over the years and God’s clear provision and guidance to build this program. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions.

-Dr. McColl

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