Tonight I enjoyed my favorite pizza, Little Joe’s ham and mushroom. Having grown up with the owners, I spent many a Saturday night there with my family. The breadsticks are fantastic.

As you can see pizza has a hidden surprise. It’s not just one peak of glucose dumping into the blood stream, it’s two. This delayed phase can be especially tricky for diabetics who live by insulin (type 1).

I decided to follow it up with two mashmallowless S’mores. I calculated the pizza at about 102 grams of carbs and the S’mores at 72gms. That’s a huge sugar load right here before I go to bed. Wonder how I’ll sleep and how long it will take me to recover once I get back to eating well.

Tomorrow I have my weekly Bible study breakfast meeting. Our usual place is closed so we’re headed over to Cracker Barrel. I’m going to see what a couple biscuits and jelly do relative to my toast experiment from earlier this week.

I’m honestly anxious to finish up this process. The data makes it so clear what I should eat and it’s hard not to clean it up. I know that anytime by blood sugar is much above the green area my body is being injured. I can feel my brain not working well. Things are dull and I know I’m slower than I should be. But the experiment must continue.

All in the name of science!

2 thoughts on “Pizza’s sucker punch

  1. I am REALLY enjoying this experiment. Very, very interesting to see how the body reacts and to note the effects elsewhere, ie the sluggish brain. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. These types of feedback experiments are really valuable to me personally so I’m glad they are interesting to others too.

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