Breakfast is often touted as the most important meal of the day, but is it really? What you eat in the morning certainly has an impact for the rest of the day. So, one could say that breakfast is the foundation of your daytime health. Choose wisely, the foundation you build upon.

Breakfast of champions?

On this first real day of my CGM experiment, I ate a modest breakfast consisting of my usual three eggs, blueberries (1/2 cup to be exact), and black coffee. This time I added two pieces of toast with butter and ‘Natural’ blackberry jam.

As you know from my previous post, I didn’t feel well getting up this morning. I struggled with poor sleep from my late night snack. I believe that prompted more insulin resistance than typical with high cortisol levels. I wish now I had drawn some labs this morning to see. In that context, I added this 72gm net carb meal.

72gms of net carbs

So what was the effect on my system? As you can see my glucose spiked up to nearly 150 mg/dL and then returned to normal-ish range (~100mg/dL) within about 1-2 hours. After that, it has bounced around and stayed elevated only to drop consistently below 100 mg/dL nearly 8 hours after that meal. Of note, at 12:30 I ate a very small meal consisting of several ounces of sirloin and cheese totaling 3 gms of net carbs. I’ve also tried to mitigate the excess glucose by increasing my water intake and will be spending a couple hours in outdoor yard work tonight.

Overall, what’s the take away here? First, it takes 30 hours to metabolically process your last meal. When you have a poor foundation from yesterday’s choices what you choose for breakfast can have a real impact either positive or negative. Second, small choices matter. About half the carbs at breakfast were from the toast and the other half from the jam. Third, the term ‘natural’ is confusing and misleading. Natural doesn’t mean something is healthy nor is it good for you. Arsenic is natural too but you shouldn’t eat it. Finally, I’d say that seemingly small indulgences can take many hours of diligence to overcome. Just think what would have happened if I had had a high carb meal at lunch too.

Tonight, I’m going to take a respite from food and either fast completely or eat a small protein/fat meal to allow my body to recover from the last 24 hours. Tomorrow, I’ll pick out a couple other items to document. The show must go on!

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