adults-cooperation-diverse-1282267We are pleased to now offer a new option for patients to work with Carly Slagle, RD, Trinity DPC’s registered dietician.  Teamwork and camaraderie are cornerstones of a successful endeavor.  Now patients and families can have Coach Carly on their side as they walk their nutritional health journey.

Coaching memberships include monthly office visits with Carly, unlimited email and phone contact during the business week, and routine weekly follow up through food journaling, virtual visits, and accountability.

Additionally, since families eat, dine, and shop together, memberships include every member of a single DPC membership.  Therefore, a husband and wife working to improve their own health can both see Carly regularly to move in the same direction.  Moms and dads struggling to build a better dinner meal for their kids can learn and grow together through the process.Carly Slagle headshot

Memberships function just like the DPC memberships.  They are $40 per month, are always month to month, and are billed in arrears (after the month of services rendered).

This offer is only available to DPC members and not open to the public.  Please call the office to enroll and schedule your first visit.  Contact me directly if you have any questions at

-Dr. McColl


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