Fifty-seven percent of adults in the United States have received a surprise medical bill for services they thought would be covered by their insurance, according to a new survey from NORC at the University of Chicago. For 35 percent of adults, that surprise bill was for imaging services.
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At Trinity DPC we put all our prices in plain view and talk about them before anything is ever done. I’ll be honest though, I feel like some people get a little annoyed at me when I keep telling the price of stuff. ‘Mr. Jones, I recommend we do these five blood tests. Four of them are free with membership but the last one is $9. Does that sound okay to you?’

I do this for imaging services that coordinated for you too. If I recommend a CT scan for a suspected kidney stone, I know the price is going to be $250 which is about 90% off the full charged price elsewhere. However, when Kristen calls to schedule it she always reconfirms the price. No surprises from us and, as far as we can help, no surprises from anyone with whom we work. That’s just the way Primary Care should be.

We are healthcare without hassles, but for you.

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