I’m a big fan of small businesses.  As a small business owner myself, I go to work everyday with the understanding that I’m working to benefit my community, my staff, and my family.  If I lose sight of these responsibilities, then everyone will suffer.

Trinity Direct Primary Care offers other small business owners an option to care for their staff members through sponsored memberships.  We all want team members who are healthy but have access to good quality care when needed at an affordable price.  For the month of September I’m offering other small business owners a discount on sponsored membership.  If an owner signs up their business which includes themselves and at least one non-family staff member then we’ll discount the registration fee to $35 per person and offer 10% off membership for everyone signed up.*

adult-business-commerce-375889The sponsored membership plan works much like an individual plan does.   The employer can purchase a membership plan for their employee which gives them full access to all the benefits of membership including no cost office visits, discounted labs, full access to their physician by phone and email during the business day, discounted medications mailed to their house, and discounted advanced imaging.  Anything not covered by the membership would be the shared responsibility of the employee.   For instance, if the employee needed a B12 injection the cost would still just be $6.40 to the employee billed at the time of service.  This keeps the costs fixed and known to the business owner and allows the employee unparalleled access to exceptional, low cost care.  Nothing fishy or hidden.  We offer straightforward healthcare at transparent prices.

brainstorming-business-plan-close-up-908295If you are a SBO and have been trying to figure out how to offer a competitive benefit to your staff, then this is a great opportunity for you.  If you have any questions or if you need to sign up then please contact me directly at mbmccoll@trinitymedical.net

*Discounts apply only to new employer sponsored membership contracts and for one year as long as at least one non-family staff member remains enrolled.



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