baby-birth-born-734541Here at Trinity DPC we love taking care of kids.  I’m board certified in Pediatrics and Dr. Hone is board certified in Family Practice so we’ve taken care of lots of children over the years.

The really fun part of direct primary care with children is the ability to work with parents through all the common hurdles of life.  Being able to email or call us directly gives new moms a lifeline that doesn’t involve loading up the minivan making sure the extra diapers and snacks are packed then waiting in a crowded waiting room with sick people for a simple conversation about constipation.  When visits occur there’s lots more one on one time in a more relaxed environment.  Even today, Lainy played babysitter for one of our infants to help her mom out.  I got to spend some time entertaining a five year old as he sat upside down in the waiting room chair telling me about his friend from school who said bad things one day but didn’t really mean it so they are still friends.  You’ll be happy to know it all worked out okay in the end.

If you’re interested in a different experience with your child’s physician, consider how Trinity Direct Primary care can change the dynamic of pediatric medicine.  Give us a phone call or email me directly if you have any questions.  We are healthcare without hassles, built for you (and your kids)!

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