Knee injuryLast week one of our patients suffered a knee injury while testing the terminal velocity of his slip and slide.  The circumstances and timing of the injury were such that they couldn’t be seen in the office immediately and the advice by a well meaning allied health professional on scene at the time of the injury was to be evaluated in an urgent treatment center.  So off the family went.

The patient’s father contacted me from the UTC waiting room for advice.  He sent me some pictures of the injury and we discussed the child’s symptoms.  After taking a history and asking about level, location and quality of his pain as well as any functional limitations, it was safe to recommend that they start with conservative measures at home overnight and follow up if symptoms didn’t resolve.  With a little rest, ice, and elevation he was feeling better and spent the next day at Dollywood.  I hope the $200-300 they saved on the UTC visit offset the cost of parking.

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