Ever wonder what the cost difference is between going to the ER or the Urgent Care Center?  It’s no surprise that the UTC is less expensive.  Often the UTC is about 20% the cost of the ER.  Now, if you compare the cost of a UTC to a DPC membership you’d save even more.

All of the issues listed here would be covered at no charge within the DPC membership.  So for a kid with an earache, you don’t pay anything for the visit itself.  Simple to schedule, easy communication and follow up, and no additional cost.  That’s a good deal.

The adult with bronchitis can be treated at no additional charge too.  Since acute bronchitis is most commonly caused by a virus, many of those patients don’t even need to be seen in the office.  I will treat them over the phone when appropriate.  Pink eye is similar.  Send me a picture of your kid’s eye and if the story is clear enough then topical treatment can be sent in without missing a beat of home life.

Not only does DPC lower the cost of care, it improves patient’s access, and hopefully keeps their lives rolling along a little easier.

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