TG levelHeart disease is a big problem today.  Most everyone is wanting to know how to stop it.

One of the clear markers of your risk is easily seen on a standard lipid or cholesterol profile.

Take a look at your triglyceride level.  The graph on the right shows that if the triglyceride level is over 89mg/dL (which is equal to 1mmol/L in SI units as shown on the bottom of the graph) then you have a good chance of having a phenotype A LDL particles.  These are small dense LDL particles which hang around in the blood stream too long instead of being cleared away.  They cause lots of damage and disease to the artery wall.

A level above 133 mg/dL (1.5mmol/L SI) guarantees you to have more damaging and deadly small dense LDL particles than you need.  (Do we really need any damaging and deadly sdLDL?  Probably not!)

The standard guide will tell you that triglyceride levels less than 150mg/dL are normal.  That guideline is wrong.  It should be changed.

If you find your triglyceride level in a high risk area, come see us.  We teach nutrition as the first principle to good health and good nutrition always improves our triglyceride levels.  We have two locations in Hardin Valley and Maryville.  Since we work on a monthly membership, you can come in as often as needed without additional cost so you can get better.  Isn’t it silly that modern healthcare makes you pay more to work with your doctor to be healthy?  Direct Primary Care is designed to give you the tools needed to be healthy without breaking the bank.  Drs. Hone and McColl along with our registered dietician, Carly, can walk with you along the road to better health and less risk for heart disease.

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