Tblood-sugar-chronic-diabetes-46173his is perhaps one of the best things I get to tell my patients from time to time.  I ended my day with these very words.  In this situation, through self education on low carb nutrition and perseverance in very challenging work conditions, my patient reduced their blood glucose to normal, was able to stop all their medications, and lost a substantial amount of weight.  I take no credit in their journey as all the work was done by their effort.  Yet still, I cherish in the opportunity to celebrate with them in their success.

It can be done.  If you are wanting to learn how low carb and ketogenic nutrition can bring about dramatic change in your health for the better, then give us a call to find out about Trinity Direct Primary Care.  We offer month to month memberships that allow for individualized support and on site nutritional counseling.  Our integrated wellness program, VitalSigns, offers additional access to the area’s only physician run 24/7 gym.  We want you to be healthy.  Let’s make it happen.  Call 244-1800 to sign up for TDPC to start.

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