waiting room of a doctor’s office can be a crowded, uncomfortable place to spend your day.  However, at Trinity Direct Primary Care our waiting room rarely gets used.  Office visits are scheduled so that patients have at least 30 minutes of time with the physician and we keep our patient panels small.  This means that when you show up we’ll very likely have your room waiting on you.  Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

If you’re interested in a different experience with your primary care physician then consider a membership with Trinity Direct Primary Care.  Dr. Hone and I strive to offer personalized, intentional care for you and your family.  Our panels are small and space is limited.  We currently have less than 100 patient spots left at each office.  Call today to schedule your free Meet and Greet or sign up now to begin your journey to better health.30059803286_88cf76280e_o

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