This article is sort of good but if you really want to know what doctors think about the keto diet then come talk to us. I’m an advocate for low carb nutrition and can walk with you through your journey.

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2 thoughts on “Keto Diet: What Doctors Want You to Know | Reader’s Digest

  1. I’ve been on this diet for about 7 weeks. Lost 17 lbs, stopped taking insulin and glymiperide. However my triglycerides are 681. Thoughts?

    1. There are lots of factors to consider including things like genetics, triglyceride levels prior to the diagnosis of diabetes, effect of other medications, presence of fatty liver disease, and perhaps most critical is exercise amount and type. I’ve found that this is often the most powerful tool available in reducing TGs for patients on a low carb or keto diet. However, since it has only been 7 weeks your body is not even fully keto adapted yet. It is still in a state of change.

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