For most of the last decade there has been a growing and disturbing trend in American healthcare.  Physicians, especially our most experienced, older physicians, are leaving medicine in droves.  They simply are not going to tolerate the bureaucratic burden that shackles the practice of medicine.  These burdens are especially cumbersome in primary care where nearly 80% of healthcare interactions occur.

A woman sitting at a typewriterThis piece from The Atlantic highlights some of the struggles faced by physicians.

The Burnout Crisis in American Medicine

Trinity DPC has allowed us to slow down, reduce overbearing regulation, and improve our ability to communicate with patients about their health concerns in a manner that truly makes sense.  These improvements also allow us to lower the cost of delivering healthcare which translates into cost savings for patients.

If you are interested in how a Direct Primary Care membership might benefit you, please schedule a free, no obligation Meet and Greet with us.  I’m available in Hardin Valley and Dr. Hone is available in Maryville.   Call 244-1800 to find out more or make your appointment.


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