alphabet-class-conceptual-301926Summer vacation is just a few weeks away for students and teachers alike.  Everyone seems to be looking forward to the time where they can relax apart from the busyness of school life.  Often teachers neglect their own health needs during the school year hoping to find the time over the summer to make change happen.

Trinity DPC would like to help these hard working individuals achieve their health goals through our program.  We are offering 20% off the first three months of membership to any teacher, administrator, or employee of any educational program.  Additionally, during the first three months, we are offering 20% off nutritional counseling visits with our Registered Dietician, Carly Slagle.  Photo ID from the educational institution will be required.  New members need to sign up by May 31st, 2018.

Come be a part of a primary care office where you’re known by name, where you can call and email your physician with any question or concern, and where it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get exceptional care.  We offer a low cost, month to month membership without any per office visit copay.  Most common labs are free with membership and all other labs are available at steep discount.  Medications are available at discount through various programs.

Trinity DPC serves teachers and educators because they serve our communities so well.

Sign up at Teacher2018


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