Salmon: a good source of vitamin DA recent journal article published results of a 12 year study that showed low levels of Vitamin D correlated with higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.  There was some association with pre-diabetes also but it was not statistically significant.

Causality was not shown, just correlation.  So why did these individuals have low Vitamin D levels?  Did they not spend time in the sun or did they not eat very much fish?  Perhaps that is the true cause of the diabetes development.  Better nutrition has show to lower the risk of diabetes in other studies too.

Regardless, it is interesting to consider.  At Trinity DPC, we check Vitamin D on adults at their yearly physicals.  This test, which can run $240 retail price, is done free as part of membership.

Come check out what Trinity DPC can do for you and how we can potentially save you money on high quality, primary care.

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