A recent article about the University of Michigan’s new retainer based healthcare program highlights the differences in Direct Primary Care programs across the country.  There are similarities and differences with U of M’s program in comparison to Trinity Direct Primary Care.  For instance, both offer office visits that include longer appointments where 30-60 minutes is standard but even longer appointments are available if needed.  Both offer easier contact with a doctor (BTW, here’s my email if you need it mbmccoll@secure.trinitymedical.net or call me at 244-1800).  Both offer a more simple approach to primary care outside of the rules and regulations imposed by the insurance industry solely for their own benefit.

However, there is one big difference in our two programs.  U of M’s program costs $225 per month while Trinity Direct Primary Care only costs $29/month for kids, $59/month of young adults, $69/month for adults, and $99/month for seniors.  We offer the value of local doctors at half the cost.

UM fuels debate on retainer-based health care

One thought on “What should Direct Primary Care cost?

  1. Mark,

    Spot on response.

    That UM article is misleading. They’re not DPC by their own admission. In the article they call themselves concierge care.

    They don’t have a clue. And I’ll bet they continue to process insurance claims for their concierge patients and Eder them to their high-priced UM owned ancillary services.

    Keep up the good work!

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