Like any new routine, your body requires a little bit of time to adjust to a change in your diet.  A major question low-carbers have asked over the years is how long it takes for the body to fully adapt when they drop the carbs and allow the body to turn on the mechanisms which pump fat out of storage for use as fuel.  Ketone levels in the blood rise in a matter of hours to days.  How long does it take to really feel the full effects though?

Historically, the answer has been six weeks.  The first three days are the low carb flu then things start to get better rather quickly.  Over about the next six weeks, I’ve witnessed patients (and myself) feel better and better.  This effect seems to plateau around six weeks although there are still more gains to be discovered.  I can say in my N=1 experiment that the effect continues to grow for a long time after converting to low carb.

Drs. Phinney and Volek have reported here that perhaps it takes nearly twice the amount of time originally thought to fully adapt.  They discuss ways one might objectively measure the adaptation process and attempt to define what the process means.  It’s a good read.  Check it out.

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