The rising cost of basic healthcare is astounding. Trinity Direct Primary Care stands in sharp relief to this unsettling trend. We have brought lower out of pocket costs for virtually all primary care services. Many patients have found that one or two trips to an urgent treatment center costs as much as an entire year’s worth of membership.

“Researchers found a striking drop-off in visits to primary care physicians, accompanied by a large jump in visits to specialists”

The extra time afforded in DPC allows for more investigation and discussion into patients’ concerns. One DPC practice in the Pacific Noethwest, Qlliance, even documented reduced use of specialty care, reduced hospitalizations, and less advanced imaging. Patients have access to enormous cost savings on their healthcare through a Direct Primary Care program like Trinity’s.

Consider what a DPC membership can do for your heath in 2018.

Working Americans are using less health care, but spending more – The Washington Post

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