A collaborative effort over nearly a decade has shed more light on how cancer fuels its rapid growth and proliferation.  Utilizing the Warburg effect, cancer turns on uptake of glucose to make lactate irrespective of the cell’s typical need and feedback mechanisms controlled by ATP production.  This provides a steady flow of growth-sustaining sugary delight for these mutated cells.

Reducing carbohydrate consumption may very well be one of the key ways to reduce cancer’s ability to grow unchecked.  It has already shown to be the best way to reverse diabetes and restore healthy functioning for many of our patients.

If you’re interested in learning how to reduce your carbohydrates to improve your health, then contact me or Dr. Hone today.  Let us meet with you and walk with you along the journey to your better health.

A Nine-Year Collaboration Has Just Shown How Sugar Influences Cancer Cell Growth

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