Is retail healthcare the answer to our nation’s growing care cost crisis or is it another attempt by business to monetize and standardize what fundamentally is an interpersonal interaction?  Does it improve our ability to cohesively develop a good plan for our health or does it fragment our care further?  Author Timothy Hoff Ph.D shares his experiences in this article.

“But retail health care is impersonal, lacks relational warmth, and isn’t what patients really want.”

Timothy J. Hoff, Ph.D., is professor of management, health care systems, and health policy at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business and the School of Public Affairs and Policy at Northeastern University in Boston; a visiting associate fellow at Green-Templeton College and visiting scholar at Said Business School, both at the University of Oxford; and the author of “Next in Line: Lowered Care Expectations in the Age of Retail- and Value-Based Health” (Oxford University Press, September 2017).




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