pexels-photo-376464I stumbled upon a good blog post today called Hormones Demystified.  I’ve never read anything else from Dr. ‘HD’ but I like the fact that an endocrinologist took the time to seriously look at the data, both supporting and refuting, for ketogenic diets.  As you are aware, I’m a supporter of low carb high fat (LCHF) diets and ketogenic diets are definitely on the spectrum.  I’ve had many patients so dramatically improve their blood sugars with a consistent LCHF/keto diet that we often debate whether or not they are technically cured.  I reject the standard dogma that insulin resistant diabetes (commonly called type 2 diabetes) is a permanent disorder and the best one can hope for is good management.

Give the blog post a read here.

Notice the description of the work Virta Clinic is doing for diabetic patients in the last couple years?  I’ve had the chance to talk with one of their medical leaders who has done some great work on educating people on LCHF and ketogenic diets.  They have published results in a decently reputable peer review journal too.  Bold move, Virta.

Not to sound to competitive though, but Trinity has been teaching LCHF for almost the entirety of our practice life which is 25 years.  We’ve refined our understanding substantially and since about 2010 have operated a full service wellness facility we call VitalSigns Wellness that teaches participants a host of topics revolving around LCHF, ketogenic diets, exercise, grocery store tours, wellness, and much more.  We even offer remote health coaching.  We’ve seen some of our participant groups average 16 lb weight loss, five cumulative inches lost from their hips and waist circumferences, and a steady reduction in their medication need.

If you want to see what a LCHF can do for your diabetes then give me or my fellow Trinity physicians a phone call.  We have offices in Hardin Valley, West Knoxville, and Maryville.  We offer a wide range of options from a standard insurance based clinic to a full service, insurance free office (what I do).  Or you can contact VitalSigns Wellness and schedule an appointment with Katie Ellis, RN, CPT.  She’s one of our nurses who is also a certified personal trainer.  You can imagine the impact your trainer might have if they were an expert in the medical field too or you can schedule an appointment with Katie to find out.  Finally, you can contact one of our many nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who we employ solely to teach good nutrition to our patients.  If you want to be reduce the damage diabetes is doing on your body, reduce the amount of medications you take, and change your life for the better then you ought to be calling us right now.  Sorry to throw down before Thanksgiving but we all need to do better.

VitalSigns Wellness 865-249-7566
Trinity Medical Associates 865-539-0270 (West Knoxville) and 865-982-0835 (Maryville)
Trinity Direct Primary Care  865-244-1800 (Hardin Valley) and 865-980-8551 (Maryville)

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