In a recent speech, CMS Administrator Seema Verma, listed DPC as the top item of exploration to help lead healthcare reform and cost reduction. 

The system of market competition is the engine that drives innovation in other industries. No central planner gave Henry Ford a set of rules and instructions to manufacture the Model T. His ingenuity led to the product, and millions of consumers chose to buy it. 

Our vision is to develop models that promote a patient centered system of care within a market driven health care system. Models should empower consumers to make decisions that are right for them and providers should compete around value and quality. We want patients to be activated shoppers and need to make sure they have the information and the incentives to make decisions that are right for them. We’re especially interested in exploring new demonstrations in the following areas:

-Direct Primary Care.
-Consumer driven health care.

-Addressing the cost of prescription drugs, looking at innovative payment methodologies for new high-cost therapy

This is pretty exciting. 

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