medications-money-cure-tablets-50997Medication can be a costly part of your healthcare.  We are continually seeking ways to help patients lower that cost or reduce the medications they need to take.  Trinity Direct Primary Care now offers an option for our patients to receive a 90 day supply of many maintenance medications in the mail from our dispensary.

We make every effort to reduce the cost of medications often producing a solid savings for patients.  For instance, we recently saved one patient 30% on the monthly cost of a daily allergy medication and another patient 40% on the monthly cost of a daily anti-depressant medication.  We can’t make every medication cheaper, some are just down right expensive, but we offer fair and honest pricing with great service.

We bring the same level of personal care you’ve come to know from our Direct Primary Care program to dispensing medications you need for your health.

Contact your DPC office today if you are interested in receiving a quote on the price of your medications.


**Some restrictions apply.  As per state and federal regulations, we do not dispense controlled substances via mail.  Trinity Dispensary only dispenses medications prescribed by Trinity staff physicians and clinicians.  We do not fill prescriptions written by other physicians.


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