Congress may not know what they are doing but doctors and patients do. We are in the trenches everyday fighting for the freedom of healthcare. 

Graham said, “In South Carolina, we have 11 predominantly African-American counties that have unique health care needs and one size doesn’t fit all, even within your state.”

Direct Primary Care offers a community specific, or rather community centric, healthcare. I’m a doctor who lives in the community in which I practice. I see the people I treat at the grocery store and my daughter’s middle school orchestra concert. I know their struggles and can offer a program flexible enough to meet their specific needs. I am not bound by regulations that require me to to only give patients care as prescribed by a third party payer or risk not getting paid. I am free to offer the best advice possible and then modify it as needed to meet the needs of each individual’s situation. 

Washington needs to listen up and let patients choose their own healthcare.  Let patients take back control of their healthcare dollars. Make insurance companies work for them again and we’ll see a reduction in the cost of insurance, a reduction in the cost of care, and an explosion of opportunities for patients to get the care they need. 

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