dead-end-sign-cul-de-sac-hopeless-163728.jpegAre you headed the wrong way in your health?

Do you know what is at the end of your road?

Are you worried that diabetes or a heart attack is waiting for you, but you really don’t know how to avoid it?

Trinity Direct Primary Care helps patients understand where they are going and change direction.  We have spent the last 25 years building the area’s premier medically based wellness program called VitalSigns.

Every week we start a new Vital Foundations class that can set you on the journey to better health by teaching you the basic principles needed to exercise safely and eat well.

Every month we offer a new Vital Launch class that takes a small group of patients through a 10 week program which has been proven to reverse disease, promote weight loss, reduce the burden of medications, and restore health and vitality to patients.

Why walk another day down the wrong road?  Contact Dr. McColl or Dr. Hone today to ask about Vital Launch.  Also you can stop by the VitalSigns Gym at 2531 Willow Point Way, Knoxville, TN 37931 to meet the staff and receive a one week free membership.

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