No, I haven’t taken up veterinary medicine (yet), but I have been researching the best nutrition for my companion dogs and master of a cat for several years.  We’ve made some minor changes along the way but I’ve never taken it too far. It always seemed like a big step from grocery store kibble to home cooked (or raw) meals. I’m not sure my wife and I have the energy to meal prep for a couple more hungry dependents in our house. 

However, I recently met Dr. Einertson via twitter.  He has recommended several excellent sources of information to understand LCHF for dogs and cats. In particular, I’m finishing up ‘Dogs, Dogfood, and Dogma‘ by Daniel Schulof which I would highly recommend for any dog owner. Think of it as ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ by Gary Taubes for canines.  I imagine the cat food industry has similar parallels. 

Dr. Einertson’s personal nutrition story was recently highlighted in The Post Bulletin. It’s a powerful story on the effect our individual choices make upon our lives. 

I Have A Way To Beat This Thing

As to his advice for my pets, thankfully, we were already feeding Chester, our feline overlord, a highly recommended cat food that doesn’t break the bank. However, in our first attempt to improve our dog’s dry kibble Eli declined to eat and Kye vomited several different places in the house. So we’re going to have to go even slower in our transition in their diet. 

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