Burned retina from looking directly at the sun
What’s the best way to pique a kid’s interest?  Tell them that he can’t do something.  Adam had all the fruit of the Garden available to him yet he and his new wife were sorely tempted by the one apple they were forbidden to eat.

We suffer the same temptations, but I ask you to truly heed the warning: do not look directly at the sun during the eclipse.  Not once.  Not for a second.  Not for just a peek.  Not at all.

Watch your kids during this time too.  Don’t trust them to do the right thing.  You’ve been a kid.  Don’t you remember how untrustworthy you were?  Give your kids good alternatives.  Definitely use appropriate solar glasses and make them a viewing box (this is what I used in 1979 when my mom kept me home from school to view the partial eclipse in Knoxville).

Adam and Eve fell, in part, because they took their eyes off of the better prize, a right relationship with God, to look towards something they didn’t need.  A good rule of parenting is to try to always give an appropriate and better alternative to the bad choice kids are wanting to make.

Get out and enjoy the eclipse but don’t go blind doing it!

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