Forbes contributor Jeanne Pinder penned an article a couple days ago about the growing futility of having health insurance in saving you out of pocket costs.

To Save Money On Health Costs, Try Putting Away Your Insurance Card

If I could emphasize one point from this article it would be this:

The big thought here: Health insurance does not equal health care. In fact, your health insurance might give you access to a higher price.

Health insurance does not equal healthcare.  It never has and never will no matter what it’s called, who pays for it, or how it is administered.

In our DPC program, we have negotiated rates for our patients on services like blood work, CT and MRIs, and sleep studies that are typically 60-90% off the retail price offered for patients with insurance.  For example, a common thyroid test usually runs $75 but we offer it for free twice a year and for $5 otherwise.  A CT scan that is billed at $2400 at a hospital based facility can be done for $250 for DPC patients who pay in full at the time of service.

If you are interested in learning how DPC might save you out of pocket expenses please give us a call at 244-1800 or 980-8551

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