Dr. Lustig, previously highlighted in this blog as a leading expert in pediatric obesity and endocrinology, published a study with his colleagues where adolescents who self reported a high added sugar diet were fed diets with the same fat and protein but where the added sugar carbohydrates were replaced with an equal amount of calories from……….carbohydrates!

“The menu was planned to restrict added sugar, while substituting other carbohydates such as those in fruit, bagels, cereal, pasta, and bread so that the percentage of calories consumed from carbohydrate was consistent with their baseline diet, but total dietary sugar and fructose were reduced to 10% and 4% of total calories, respectively.” (Emphasis mine)

The results are pretty impressive. 

While I advocate for a relatively low carb diet, depending on the extent of one’s metabolic dysfunction, I do believe there are gradations within the world of carbs. I describe them as Simple Sugars, Common Carbs, and Natural Nutrition.  

  • Simple Sugars: sweet treats, sweetened drinks, snacks, extras. 
  • Common Carbs: bread, pasta, rice, beans, corn
  • Natural Nutrition: blueberries, apples, sweet potatoes 

Getting rid of Simple Sugars even if they are replaced with an equal amount of Common Carbs is still a step in the right direction.

Take this lessen to heart, go home today and cut out the Simple Sugars from your kid’s diet and lead them down paths of healthiness.  If you’re not sure how to make a change, come in and we’ll develop a plan together. We have nutrition experts ready to meet with you and your family to work out a new way of eating for your whole family. Consider our VitalMeals weekly email as an easy starting point. The first two weeks are a free trial. That’s 5 more days than the kids in this study had and look what difference it made for them. 

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