Here’s an interesting article by a British economist on the true tale of the National Health Service. The laws of economics are as immutable as the laws of physics.  For a limited resource like healthcare, someone always has to decide who is given care and who is denied care. In the United Kingdom, they have given that decision making control to the government, so therefore, the government determines who receives care and who does not. I don’t look forward to the day when healthcare care in the United States is run in the same manner as our Post Office.

Direct Primary Care seeks to lower the cost of most common healthcare needs and therefore allow more people to afford proper care.  When patients directly pay for care then they also retain the ability to decide what care and from whom they desire. This encourages lower cost care and higher quality outcomes. 

“[A singer payor system] inevitably leads to a greater number of people clamouring to extract services than the supply can handle, leading to the shortages, long waiting times, and rationing which have characterised the piteous state of NHS services throughout its history.”

Does Britain Have the World’s Best Health System? Only If You Ignore Outcomes | Mises Wire

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