Listening to “The Road to Serfdom” by F. A. Hayek I came across this quote. 

It merely starts from the indisputable fact that the limits of our powers of imagination make it impossible to include in our scale of values more than a sector of the needs of the whole society, and that, since, strictly speaking, scales of value can exist only in individual minds, nothing but partial scales of value exist, scales which are inevitably different and often inconsistent with each other. 

Any system of values that is used to distribute limited resources such as healthcare is unavoidablely short sighted. The decision makers guiding the outflow of care cannot ever fully comprehend the vast needs of each individual. Only the individual can rightly understand their own position. Therefore, only the individual can rightly value the care they desire to meet the needs they perceive for themselves. 

Any system which unilaterally interjects its own values as different than the recipient of care, thereby overriding the availability of care to the individual, will always fail the individual in providing the desired care. However, this only applies to systems which dictate values onto all, or at least most, individuals. It does not apply to fellow individuals providing services and care to other individuals. For instance,  physicians who limit their scope of practice to a defined area do not restrict individuals seeking alternative care from other physicians skilled in those areas the individuals desire. It is only when a system of decision making is imposed in totality over all individuals is care limited. Therefore, a single payor system is doomed to fail the needs of all individuals at some point regardless of how successful it is at meeting the needs of some individuals at some point. 

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