Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a model of healthcare focusing on caring for patients first.  Turns out when we do this two really cool things happen.  First, the quality of care improves such that patients get to the see the doctor more easily, get to have a conversation with their doctor pretty much any time, and can get an appointment within hours or days instead of weeks to months.  The second really neat thing that happens is that patients spend less money for their primary care services.  Isn’t it amazing that lower cost is the other half of better service?  When healthcare focuses on patients first, that’s exactly what happens.

Check out this video put out by another DPC practice that describes what we do pretty well.  When you’re ready to hear more give us a call at 244-1800 and come in to see us.  Our Hardin Valley office will host the next monthly open house June 21st at noon.  Feel free to stop by and hear how DPC can work for you.

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