Recently, various new outlets reported on the spiraling failure of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obamacare.  One of the key indicators of failure is the availability of health insurance in a market.  Several major markets across the country lack more than one insurer from which individuals may choose.   When there is only one insurer in the market, like any other monopoly, prices rise.  This makes it more affordable for individuals buying policies.  In turn, the insurance company ends up dealing with more risky individuals which makes paying out on claims more costly.  Pinal County in Arizona was the first marketplace that experienced all their health insurance companies leaving the marketplace.  At the last minute, a deal was struck and those citizens were given an option.  Knoxville may not be so lucky.

Humana recently announced that it was not going to be offering health insurance on the individual market next year.  Blue Cross Blue Shield dropped out at the last minute in 2016 and stopped offering coverage the three major metro areas of Tennessee.  Over 130,000 Tennesseans lost their BCBS insurance as a result.  Humana’s decision is reported to affect 40,000 Knoxvillians.

As a physician this is heartbreaking to watch.  And yet, I’m very hopeful.  If this is going to be the epicenter of the modern national tragedy, I’m thankful that I’m here working and able to help.  Knoxville has a chance to show the rest of the country how healthcare can still be exceptional even when government sponsored health insurance fails.

I hope the story that comes from the failure of big business and big government to run healthcare is that high quality, affordable healthcare will always exist apart from their intervention.  Patients can get healthcare regardless of health insurance.  They always have and hopefully always will.  Direct Primary Care is charting a new path for patients to have their primary care needs met at a fraction of the cost.  Places like Good Shepherd Health and the Surgery Center of Oklahoma are offering affordable options for medications and surgery regardless of insurance.  We can make a better way for our neighbors and our community.

If you are interested in how Trinity’s Direct Primary Care program can meet your healthcare needs, then please give us a call or email me at  We can schedule a Meet and Greet appointment or a Medical Consult so that you can find out first hand how a DPC membership works.


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  1. Are there any Direct Primary Care out in Sevierville or Pigeon Forge? Is there a state or national directory for this type of program? Thanks for your time. Stephanie

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