Friday, March 10th, at Noon Trinity Direct Primary Care will host their monthly open house at the Hardin Valley office.

Please feel free to attend to meet Dr. McColl, Nurse Courtney, and Mel Moss, the DPC coordinator.  Dr. McColl will discuss the DPC program, the changing face of health insurance in Knoxville and across the country, and how to obtain quality healthcare from preventative check ups to complex surgery without breaking the bank.  He will also highlight two services unique to Trinity in the Knoxville area.  They are in-house allergy testing with home immunotherapy and carotid intima-media thickness ultrasound scanning to assess the level of atherosclerosis and vascular age.

Call the office at 244-1800 with questions or contact Dr. McColl directly at

If you are interested in learning more about the DPC program but can’t attend this open house, then watch for upcoming monthly meetings or schedule a Meet and Greet appointment with Dr. McColl.  They are free and friendly.

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