kid shouting and crying during a temper tantrumI found this article pretty interesting.  It approaches behavioral issues in children from a nutritional stand point.  Obviously, to parent well one must have a multi-faceted battle strategy which at its core addresses a child’s selfish, sinful heart but understanding the external factors that influence our children is key to providing them an environment that supports good decision making.

Mark Sisson found a paleo-like wellness movement called the Primal Blueprint.  Many authors in the nutrition and wellness fields tend to have an anti-science bias to their recommendations and commentary.  They want to throw out anything that originates in a study.  However, Sisson constantly verifies his recommendations with a reasoned discussion of the available research.  Overall, I think it is a sound approach to take.

In this particular article I think his recommendations for nutritional interventions to try to help improve your kid’s chances of obeying are worthwhile (all except the last one of course).  I’ve seen improvements in many kids who have followed these recommendations and know first hand how the quality and content of one’s food choices can directly influence the mental state.

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