Imagine you had a chance to watch segments of your life occur as though you were a spectating apparition. What would you notice?  What action would you witness your corporeal self committing that might make you cringe?   Would you be happy with what you hear your other-self say?  Do you feel judged or vindicated?  If this scenario makes you squirm even just a little bit, then Gretchen Rubin’s book Better Than Before is for you.

In this book, Rubin sets out to examine the multiple aspects of our personal habits.  She looks at four types of people who either look towards meeting obligations or reject them outright.  She then explores various aspects and tricks that allow us to follow through with habits we might want to incorporate into our own lives.

As someone who has spent their entire adult life in introspection and self-evaluation, I found this book enlightening in a few areas.  I really liked thinking through the four personality types in regards to obligations both internal and external and how a group of various personality types responds to the same set of obligations. This actually led to some great discussion with my wife and kids!  It help the four of us see the motivating forces behind the other’s actions and desires.

I don’t want to give too much away but I think this book is worthwhile reading.  I feel I’ll be able to apply some of the habit keeping techniques she describes to my personal pursuits for healthy eating and regular exercise.  She makes a solid point about understanding who you are and being that person.  Don’t try to develop habits to be a person that you aren’t.  The wisdom to understand who you are and how you change is powerful.

I would recommend you BORROW IT.

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